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Message from Nigel - Christmas 2019

(Extract from Parish Magazine December 2019)

Life in Taney is always busy with plenty going on in the parish centre -  snooker, bridge, badminton, League of Health and bowls to name just a few of the organisations - and of course there is the coffee shop which always seems to have a regular clientele and provides much needed space to catch up with friends over a coffee. As well as the Parish Centre activities, there are the various church activities such as Sunday Crew, Scouts, Guides and bell ringers, which continue at a pace throughout the Autumn and Winter months. I do try to pop in to as many as I can to say ‘hello’, so if I haven’t managed yet to get to your organisation, I will do my utmost to pay a visit in the New Year.

So much goes on in Taney Parish on a daily basis and we are blessed to have such a dedicated team, of both staff and volunteers who help with the running of the Centre. Without them it just would not be possible to keep the Parish Centre and Church activities going each week. So I take this opportunity on behalf of us all, clergy and parishioners alike to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to our dedicated team for all their hard work throughout the year. You are all very much appreciated and valued. In fact the Rector and myself, as a treat, regularly serenade the office staff (Tara and Jo and anyone else within ear shot) as we croon our way through hymns in order to ascertain their suitability for the following Sunday worship, an action I am sure that is much appreciated!!

As is normal at this time of year, the beginning of Advent starts the ‘waiting game’ as we await the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child on Christmas Day. However, approaching the Christmas season, I am aware that for some, it will be a happy time as family and friends join together to celebrate homecomings and spend time catching up. For others, the season of Christmas is faced with dread as a loved one is no longer physically present, and there is a very obvious empty space at the dinner table. I would ask you all to spare a thought and a prayer, for those of our parishioners and loved ones for whom this Christmas will be difficult.

During this Christmas time, may you know the peace of the Christ Child who came into our broken world with the message of love, joy, peace, compassion and hope. On behalf of Anne and our family, may I wish you every blessing over this Christmas season and into the coming New Year.

Rev. Nigel Pierpoint Curate-Assistant
Something to make you smile.

A man sent his friend a cryptic Christmas card. It read: A B C D E F G H I J K M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

The recipient puzzled over it for weeks, they finally gave up and wrote asking for an explanation. They received the following explanation on a postcard: “No L.” Get it? Noel.