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Key Parish Personnel


The Parish Office is open from 9.30am – 1.30pm Monday to Friday.  Tel No.: 01-298 5491

e-mail: Parish Website:

Please be sure to inform the office of any changes to your contact details – e.g. address, telephone/mobile number or email.

On-call telephone number

The clergy now operate a designated emergency telephone number it is: 083 477 1673.

This number may be called in case or cases of pastoral emergency only, should there be no reply from the parish office or clergy numbers.



Rector Rev Canon Robert Warren 01 298 4497
Curate-Assistant Rev Nigel Pierpoint 01 298 5491
Lay Readers

Trilly Keatinge

Joan Kirk

01 298 5491

01 298 5491

Parish Administrator Tara O'Rourke 01 298 5491
Parish Secretary Jo Bourke 01 298 5491
Hon. Secretary Select Vestry Kate Shearer 01 298 5491
Hon. Treasurer Select Vestry Darren Bowling 01 298 5491
Parish Recorder Parish Office 01 298 5491
Sunday School Sarajane MCarthy 01 298 5491
Organist and Director of Music David Adams 087 294 2389
Chancel Guild Jasmine Hourie 01 296 5087
Coffee Shop Yvonne Rankin 01 298 5491
Church Review Parish Office 01 298 5491
C of I Gazette Representative Parish Office 01 298 5491
Taney School Lilly Carpenter - Principal 01 298 5015
  Julie Maloney - Secretary  
Web Manager Mark Armstrong 087 6831533
Rector's Churchwarden Christ Church Gillian Haine  
Rector's Churchwarden St. Nahi’s Elaine Wynne  
Rector's Glebewarden William Hourie  
Peoples' Churchwardens Christ Church David McClean  
Peoples' Churchwarden St. Nahi’s Richard O'Donnell  
Peoples' Glebewarden Nigel Macken  
Select Vestry 2019/2020    
Darren Bowling Trilly Keatinge  
Caroline Brennan Graeme Murray  
Phyllis Brown Carol Newburn  
Peter Connor Hilda Plant  
Helen Geoffroy Kate Shearer  
Vivienne Hood Evelyn Sloane  
Diocesan Synod Members 2017 -2020
Roger Brooks Fionnuala Drury  
Harry Masterson Kate Shearer  
Carol Eggers Ivan Rafter  
Peter Connor Heather Rutledge  
Neville McDowell    
Supplemental Diocesan Synod Members 2017 -2020
Carol Robinson Tweed Linda Dwyer Joyce  
Judy Blain Mulligan Pamela Slater  
Graeme Murray Stan Bloomer  
Suzanne Chadwick Amy Hourie  
Gillian Haine    
Parochial Nominators 2017 - 2020    
Roger Brooks Carol Eggers  
Harry Masterson Fionnuala Drury  
Supplemental Parochial Nominators 2017 - 2020
Richard Sloane Peter Connor  
Ivan Rafter Linda Dwyer-Joyce