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Bishops' Appeal 2022

The Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal will run from now until Easter.  This year the appeal will assist with the humanitarian response to the current crisis in the Ukraine.  Bishops’ Appeal is working closely with two other organisations; Christian Aid and Habitat for Humanity who have volunteers working on the ground in the Ukraine and neighbouring countries.  The horror of what we witness on our TV screens and hear on our daily news bulletins is shocking and leaves us all with a loss for words.  As a Christian Community we need to respond and we must respond.  Many people have asked how they can help and we commend Bishops’ Appeal to your generosity. 

Donations can be made in either of the following three ways…

Cheque: made payable to Taney Parish
Credit Card: Contact the Parish Office 01-2985491
Cash: Place your donation in an envelope and this can be left in the baskets at the Church doors.

**Please remember to mark your envelope Bishops’ Appeal and include your weekly envelope number**  


The Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal is the Church’s World Aid and Development Programme. It acts as a fund for essential health, education, rural development and disaster relief responses around the world and partners with key agencies to see sustainable community development to combat issues such as poverty and food security. It also provides an educational role by raising awareness about important justice issues.

Examples of Projects Funded

Health: After the Emergency Response to the Rohingya Refugee Crisis in 2017, Bishops’ Appeal followed up with funding for treating contagious skin diseases amongst Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh (via Mission to End Leprosy).

Following on from the Women’s Health Project in Nepal, Bishops’ Appeal funded a second phase of the project where women in other villages could receive medical support and treatment for prolapsed uterus. This is a common occurrence for women, particularly those who have had children, and is exacerbated by mountainous living, carrying heavy loads with unsupportive footwear or barefoot. For many women in Nepal access to treatment is not a possibility so they live with the extreme discomfort. This programme is offering huge support for an otherwise untreated condition (via CMS Ireland).

Rural Development: In addition to a successful project supporting landless farmers in Southern Uganda through the provision of seeds and training, Bishops’ Appeal also provided funding for a similar food security programme in Malawi (via Self Help Africa).

A Garden Project, which trains families and supports the growing of nutritious food for indigenous communities who have lost their land to large corporations or mass deforestation and whose most affordable options have become fast food, has been repeat-funded in Argentina (via SAMS).

Education: Bishops’ Appeal funded a Children’s Rights awareness raising campaign to reduce the amount of violence against children in schools and homes. The purpose was to increase school attendance and improve adult/child relationships in Uganda (Fields of Life). Training, which included education, vocational training, life skills and leadership training, was funded for refugees who have sought refuge in Egypt (via CMS Ireland).

Disaster Relief: Funding was released to help provide emergency food baskets for vulnerable families in Yemen. The food provided enough basic provisions for 100 families for a month. Following on from this, Bishops’ Appeal also funded a longer term food security programme in Yemen that provided the resources for communities to begin planting again, using drought resistant methods and a diversity of crops to improve health and nutrition (via Tearfund Ireland).

Lenten Initiative: #Pennies4Plastics 2019
Bishops’ Appeal has joined with Eco-Congregation and the RCB once again to provide a new Lenten resource - #Pennies4Plastics. The focus is on reducing personal plastic waste, calling for a reduction of single-use plastics being used by companies and raising vital funds for plastic waste management and plastic recycling in the Gambia. The resource includes an Information Section, an Action Section, a Giving Section and an Assemblies and All Age Section, and explores Ireland’s relationship with plastic, the impact of plastic on God’s Creation and the inspirational response to plastic waste in the Gambia, a country without a waste management system. See the ‘Get Involved’ section of the Bishops’ Appeal website for more information.