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Safeguarding Trust

Hundreds of children visit the Churches and Parish Centre of Taney Parish for worship, Sunday School, etc and for other social, educational and recreational purposes each week. The Church’s ministry to them is a priority for the Parish and it is only possible because of the commitment of adults who are prepared to work with children. Safeguarding Trust is designed to protect and enhance that ministry.


Taney Parish seeks:

  1. To create a safe environment which will promote healthy and fulfilling participation of children and minimise the possibility of harm, either deliberate or accidental.
  2. To encourage safe practices for those who work with children.
  3. To safeguard those who work with children from the consequences of unfounded accusations

A Training Session has been held in the Parish giving all those who work with children a full introduction to child protection and best practice. Should you have any concerns or questions contact a member of the Parish Safeguarding Trust Panel below:

Rev. Robert Warren, Charles Sloane, Trilly Keatinge and Claire Reid