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The Graveyard and Burials

A Short History

graveyardThe old churchyard, in the midst of which St Nahi's Church is sited, features prominently in the earliest documentation available in the Parish. It covers an extensive area and contains over 1200 graves of which we have the names of those buried in over 800. An index is held by the Parish Office.

Further details can be found in Ball, Elrington Francis and Hamilton, Everard "The Parish of Taney: A History of Dundrum, near Dublin, and its Neighbourhood" publ. Hodges Figgis & Co Ltd 1895. Available from R.C.B. Library.

The Churchyard precedes the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland and thus is open for burial to all those who live within the boundaries of the Parish of Taney, whatever their denomination. Whilst there are very few graves still available for burial, the addition of a Garden of Remembrance in the 1990s for the burial of ashes has been a very beneficial facility for the community.

The churchyard is very well cared for by our parishioners and provides an oasis of quietness in the middle this busy Dublin suburb.


For all burial arrangements please contact the Rector at


graveyard02Plots are available in the Garden of remembrance.

Please contact Mr William Dixon, through the Parish Office (01-2985491) for further information.



Funeral And Memorial Services

Occasionally, following a death, the friends and families of the deceased wished to commemorate the life of a loved one. Details of such services may be discussed with the Rector.