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Letter from Nigel - Summer 2018

Yet again, the time has come for parish activities to gradually close for the summer months. This brings with it a distinctive feel around the centre when AGM’s are held and organisations plan and enjoy end of season annual dinners. That feeling of winding down brings with it a certain sense of satisfaction and calm that another year of activity is over and the months of the summer stretch out before us. Hopefully we can all look forward to them, weather permitting. It’s time to relax, chill, unwind and recharge those depleted batteries that keep us all going through the long nights. So, how do you unwind? Plenty of walking and exercise is a great start and if you are unable to walk any distance, just sit and relax if possible outdoors with a good book. The main thing is to fill those lungs with fresh air. I for one am one of those sad people who rise early and walk my dog (Cara) first thing in the morning. It is one of my favourite times of the day. It’s just Cara, fresh air, God and me. It is the time of day that I pray and give thanks to God for all that he has given to me in my wonderful supportive family and friends. It is a time when there are little or no distractions and I can reflect on my call into ministry, one that is a privilege, as I share with families the highs and lows of life. I am so grateful that God has called me to this work.
As I write this letter, I am again reminded of all the good work that the parishioners of Taney Parish do to keep this great parish alive and kicking. There are those who helped in organising the recent concert in the church when the Army No. 1 Band and guest soloist Sandra Oman entertained a large audience. Then there are those who have stepped forward to form the Fête Committee and who are actively planning for 9th June. I must not overlook mentioning the Chancel Guild and their organisation of the Flower Festival planned for October. All in all, there is still plenty happening in the parish despite the summer wind-down.
There are fun times ahead and we must remember that the fun we share together will draw us closer together as a community. All that remains for me to say is have a wonderful, restful and enjoyable time this summer and enjoy the gift that God has bestowed on us of fun, fellowship and laughter.

With every good wish and blessing.
Rev. Nigel Pierpoint Curate-Assistant