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Message from Nigel - September 2019

(Extract from Parish Magazine September 2019)

After all the planning for summer holidays back in June, it is now back to the normal activities of school, church and extra-curricular groups. For some of the younger members of the parish, it will all be new as they face school for the first time.

For some it will be exciting and for others, it will be daunting. Whatever way it is viewed for these young people, it is ‘moving on’ as they start a new chapter in their young lives. This fresh start reminds me of a weekend when Anne and I were recently away in Wexford. As we walked the beach with our black Labrador, I watched the waves crash onto the sand and the crispness of the air made me think of fresh beginnings.

As we leave the summer months behind, we look to a fresh start and to what lies ahead. I hope that you had a relaxing time and that you enjoyed the holiday season, and that you are refreshed in mind, body and spirit. Routine seems to go out the window when the long summer months stretch out before us, bed time is later and morning lie-ins are regarded as part and parcel of the lack of routine. When we walked the beach in Wexford, I could hear parents say to their children, “Enjoy this as next week it is back to the routine of early nights.” I am sure there will be struggles as children try to get back to the normality of early starts.

As we all start back to the usual activities, I would encourage you to please remember your Church and
its community as we gather together each week to give thanks for all God’s goodness. You might consider adding Taney Church to your list of activities and new routine. One of the nice things about parish life and community is seeing all the children return to the Parish Centre and its many activities, none more so than listening to them as they join us for worship at our Family Services. If there is a budding singer in your household, please contact Helen Doyle through the Parish office- I know she would be delighted to welcome new members to the Junior Choir. My prayer is that all families will be
blessed as we start into a new church year with all its freshness and new beginnings.



Rev. Nigel Pierpoint Curate-Assistant

P.S. Something to make you smile, when Moses takes a bath.