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Message from Cathy - Easter 2019

Greetings to all in Taney from the Rectory ‘beneath the pines’! There is a light that changes here within the graveyard and further up over the hills; it’s traceable at various points during the day and now, a few weeks in, there is a sense of settling.
I am coming out from beneath a great cloud of documents and admin, various groups and meetings and yet there is a warmth of support and welcome, and a still small voice inside myself saying “little by little, Cathy, little by little”. I was delighted to be asked to write a short piece for this issue of the Taney News as it gives me an opportunity to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of the whole family for the support given, not only during the past few months, but the past three years in Taney and beyond that again for 20.
Our time with you as parishioners and during my curacy was unforgettable and, as mentioned in my parting words, you are an incredible parish which provides those who step forward with a unique opportunity in training throughout the many facets of parish life. It’s the connecting with people and walking with them a little part of the way in varying circumstances, that makes our leaving bitter-sweet. We were genuinely overwhelmed with the response to the invitation to attend St. Patrick’s Church on 1st March for our Service of Institution and the rafters rang with the sound of voices in song. We are in receipt of a most generous gift from you all – thank you sincerely!
Life here is beginning to take some shape. That same wave of enthusiasm and good-will received from Taney is echoed here in the many people who step forward to welcome and assist in showing the new Rector the ropes and warmly welcoming the family! We feel blessed in the people we have known and those we have yet to know in the coming years. And so, as I watch the light shift beneath the pines, from our hearts to yours – a sincere ‘thank you’ for all you have given and everything you are.
God bless you all in Taney, you have our love and our gratitude.


Rev. Cathy Hallissey