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Weekly News Update

The Select Vestry has agreed that we should explore the feasibility of using renewable energies in our Parish buildings.  In particular, we are aware that the heating boiler in the Parish Centre is approaching the end of its useful life.  We would be interested to hear from anyone in the Parish who has experience in the area of renewable energy and / or energy efficiency to help advise the Buildings Sub-Committee over the coming months. 
If you or someone known to you could be of assistance in this way, please contact the Parish Office during working hours as outlined below.
With the Parish school closing last Thursday, many of you will be enjoying holidays either at home or abroad in the coming days and weeks.  We wish everyone a happy time.  Please travel safely and return refreshed.  Please consider attending a local church wherever you find yourself as parishes love to welcome visitors, especially at this time of year.  In the meantime, the regular services in Taney Parish continue as advertised above.
We value the Ministry of those who read the Scripture readings and lead the Intercessions at the Sunday morning services.  If you would be interested in joining this group, please contact the Parish Office (01-2985491) as we have some vacancies at present.



The clergy would appreciate being told if parishioners are in hospital, going into hospital, are being transferred or if they have been discharged, and will be pleased to offer pastoral support.  Please understand that the clergy are not automatically informed when parishioners are admitted to hospital. 



We have a number of Parishioners who would dearly love to attend Sunday Services, and who require transport.  If you feel in any way that you could offer to collect one or two of these parishioners it would be very much appreciated.  Please contact the parish office or one of the clergy if you can assist.


The office is usually open from 9.30am – 3.30pm Monday – Friday. Tel. No.: 01-298 5491

e-mail: Parish Website:

Please be sure to inform the office of any changes to your contact details – e.g. address, telephone/mobile number or email.

On-call telephone number

The clergy now operate a designated emergency telephone number it is: 083 477 1673.

This number may be called in case or cases of pastoral emergency only, should there be no reply from the parish office or clergy numbers.