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Taney Lawn Tennis Club

Dear Members

Thank goodness Spring has been a lot better this year and that the ‘Beast from the East’ hasn’t paid us a visit like last Spring!! Although I suppose there’s still time!! The Taney Lawn Tennis Club committee has been busy with courts’ improvement discussions and we’re hoping that the work we’ve decided to do will make a huge difference for the 2019 season.

Since the end of the 2018 season at the end of September, we’ve had the courts cut with another cut due now. After consultation with Chris Turner, our groundsman, he is going to scarify the courts to get rid of moss, weeds, etc., fertilise them and then we’re hiring a roller to roll them before we do the first marking at the end of April.

We propose opening the club, weather permitting, on Saturday 27th April at 3.30pm and there will be tea at 5.30pm. Other dates for our diaries include the ‘At Home’ when the finals of our club tournaments will be played on Saturday 7th September or if the weather is very wet, it will be held over until Saturday 15th September. Tennis, again weather-permitting, will continue until the end of September as usual.

The AGM will this year be held at the clubhouse on Saturday 11th May at 3.30pm with tea and tennis afterwards.

The juvenile coaching, a very important part of our club, will commence on Monday 20th May at 7.15pm and Tuesday 21st May at 2.45pm, and will continue for five weeks. Further information on this will be circulated before Easter to 3rd to 6th Class pupils in Taney Parish Primary School with phone numbers for booking and information.

Margaret Nevin
Hon Secretary, Taney Parish LTC