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It’s Harvest time again – a time when we give thanks for all our blessings, and when we take some time to reflect on the many gifts we enjoy through nature’s bounty. One of our great blessings is our community here in Taney Parish, where we enjoy our church services, our collective contribution to the life of the parish, the camaraderie we share with one another and the support we lend to one another, in good times and bad.
Aware that the fabric of the church and the Parish Centre are finite and subject to wear and tear, we constantly endeavour to keep everything in order, both for our own use and for the use of the community as well as for future generations.
Last year we sought your generosity to refresh the church fabric and furnishings in Christ Church in advance of the 200th anniversary of the church which will be celebrated in 2018. As noted in the Rector’s Letter, this summer we have undertaken the initial stages of this work by re-pointing the external stonework and masonry and repainting the exterior of the timber wooden frames. We thank you for your generous response.
The next phase of the proposed renovation programme will include the repair and renovation of the stained glass windows in the church. We are aware that this work will cost in excess of € 25,000 and it is in connection with this project that we are asking for your generosity in this year’s ‘Harvest Appeal’. We all agree that these windows are a particularly important feature of Christ Church – in particular the striking East Window and the particularly beautiful Agnus Dei window in the east wall of the Tower Balcony. Anything that you can donate towards this important work would be gratefully appreciated. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Taney Parish’.
Donations can be enclosed in the envelopes provided and put on the plate on Sunday mornings or dropped into the Parish Office. In addition, if you are not already doing so and would like to donate to parish funds by means of a Standing Order or by the weekly envelope scheme, please tick the box on the Appeal Envelope or contact the Parish Office (Tel: 298 5491) and this will be arranged for you. We thank you for considering this request.
Darren Bowling (Hon. Treasurer)
Kate Shearer (Hon Secretary)