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Choirs and Music in Taney


D-Adams_cond_choir davidadamsThe music programme is run by David Adams, the Director of Music. Both Churches have their own choirs and sing on Sundays at the main services. Throughout the year members of the Choir sing in St Patrick's Cathedral and perform at events in Taney and in the neighbouring districts. The Christ Church Choir has weekly practices during term time.






Our Junior Choir members have been busy this term and are enjoying learning lots of new songs to share with everyone at our Family Services. There have been many beautiful babies baptised and choir members particularly enjoy singing the special baptismal blessing for each and every one of them. We have had lots of fun singing uplifting Gospel songs and even added in a few Gospel moves on occasion! Our rehearsals on Sunday mornings in the Overend Room are absolutely full of energy and thoroughly enjoyable for everyone involved. Rev’d Nigel often stops for a listen to the gorgeous sounds as he prepares for Sunday Service! New members are always welcome so please come along to a rehearsal if you would like to be part of the Junior Choir.

Helen Doyle