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I do hope that this message finds you keeping well and safe.  Thankfully, I can assure you that both Nigel and myself are still well and are continuing to work away in the background with the support of Tara who is largely working from home.  This past week we have been trawling through the Parish Lists to identify those who may be “cocooned” and/or living alone.  A number of parishioners have volunteered to help us make a quick phone call to check everything is OK and to see if anyone needs anything we can help with.  Alternatively, if you would like to make contact with us, please do so using the contact details below.
I asked that this week’s Taney News Extra email bulletin be delayed until today, Saturday, as over the past couple of weeks, the Government have made their announcements on a Friday evening, which has in some instances changed the goalposts and made some of our plans unworkable!  Last week we mentioned that we would supplant our spring edition of Taney News magazine with a letter.  Then the Taoiseach announced the Stay at Home policy which means we now have to scrap that idea!  Thank you to those of you who volunteered to deliver these letters.
I am very conscious that many of our older (and more isolated) parishioners are also those who do not have internet access or use e-mail, which is now the way we are relying on communicating with you, the members of the Parish.  Should you have a family member or know of a neighbour who might be in this position, perhaps you could print out the news-sheet and pop it in their letter-box – or alternatively, if a family member, read it to them over the phone.
As we commence Holy Week, it will be very strange not to have the usual (and extra) round of Services which would otherwise be based on the last week of Christ’s natural life on earth.  We had been planning to have our early celebrations of Holy Communion, followed by Breakfast each morning; our Tenebrae Service and Seder Meal, along with the other Holy Week Services.  But these cannot happen this year.  However, Nigel and I plan to “stream” Services on Facebook and YouTube on Palm Sunday, at 10.15am and on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8pm.  These can be accessed at any time on or after the live-streamed time under the title of “Taney Parish”.


You can view live Services on Facebook or YouTube with all recent Services posted on YouTube

Welcome A very warm welcome to the website of Taney Parish, Dundrum. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and discover much about our parish community. Learn about our history, look at our two churches, Christ Church and St. Nahi's, and discover something of the activities and organisations which make up the life of a large and vibrant Church of Ireland parish.

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From whatever religious background you come - from any faith or none - please know you are always welcome. We encourage you to visit our wonderful churches to rest, to reflect, or to join us in prayer.

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Taney Parish Centre Taney Parish Centre is situated in the grounds of Christ Church, on Taney Road, Dundrum, a few hundred metres from the Luas Bridge. The Parish Centre offers a wide range of facilities with a warm and friendly ambience with activities open to to everyone in the community.

For Parish Centre information please contact the Parish Administrator on 01-2985491 or email us at






Wednesdays at 10.00 am from Christ Church

Sundays at 10.15 am from Christ Church


Taney Parish is twinned with the Omey group of parishes in beautiful West Connemara

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